pet bottles recycling

DID YOU KNOW? In INDIA The consumption of pet bottles is approx 1.9 million tons and only 0.99 million tons is recycled each year out of which GM POLYPLAST LTD, an ISO 22000 Certified for food and safety management Recycles 2000 tons of pet plastic waste every year.

Pet bottle recycling starts with waste collectors/rag pickers who collect pet bottles which are thrown in the bins and brought to waste yards, then ‘kabadiwalas’ (waste traders) manually separate the pet bottles from other plastic and wastes and then press them with baling machines.

The dirty pet bottle bales are then transported to the washing line, where the bales are opened, the bottle caps and labels are removed from the pet bottle, and the bottle is then crushed into flakes before being cleaned thoroughly. To ensure cleanliness, the flakes are washed in hot and cold water.The flakes are then dried and stored. To ensure best quality production GM has tied up with a pet washing company who provides them with clear high quality flakes.

These flakes are bought by GM Polyplast, which is then processed by blending virgin material and additives to produce high grade clear pet sheets, also known as R-PET which is 100% food grade and are then subsequently delivered to thermoformers.

The thermoformers then manufacture pet containers, punnets, trays, and so on, the remaining trim waste is collected and returned to GM Polyplast. To contribute to sustainability.

That’s how GM Polyplast does its recycling.