PVC Films

PVC Films

For many years PVC has been chosen by the food, medical, pharmaceutical and thermoforming industries as a major component for packaging. PVC has excellent thermoforming properties it is easy to cut and can be adapted or modified to suit many packaging applications.

We are dedicated to manufacture and distribute an ever expanding portfolio of packaging items, which both meets our customer’s cost requirements and ensures their supply chain management is efficiently maintained. Our packaging specialists would be pleased to advise, quote and even visit to offer a “free of charge packaging audit” to see how much we could save your company.

The highest quality finish

We are the experts in supplying you with an excellent range of high quality 3D Thermoformable Polymer films and PVC edge banding to give your furniture range the stunning finish that your customers will love.

With a huge range of styles, patterns and finishes, from traditional favourites to the most modern trends, we ensure that there's a hard-wearing polymer film that's ideal for every home and office range.

PVC Films
  • Performance - Our films are coated with a scratch resistant layer to withstand the wear and tear of day to day use

  • Diversity - Our huge range allows you to set trends, not follow fashion

  • Creativity - Our new Colourfast Gloss range is created through a revolutionary manufacturing process

  • Bespoke - If what you want isn't on our site, get in touch and we can create it for you!